A New Book Has Arrived

My new book of poetry, What’s Left Is The Singing,
has just been published by
Blue Light Press of San Francisco.
What’s Left is the Singing is 105 pages. ($15.95)
It can be ordered from:
1st worldpublishing.com or phone (641-209-5000)
Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com
Powell’s Books
or it can be ordered at your favorite book store
using the ISBN: 9781421891507/LCCN: 2010930193
or send an email to me and I will send you a book.

“When one reads the poems of Mary Kay Rummel, one expects a certain precision of language, a vigilant detail, a concentrated lyric whisper that elevates the ordinary life’s ordinary aspirations. On these counts, What’s Left Is The Singing does not disappoint. But these poems are also transformative. Here we find beauty that resists adoration, caution that armors raised fists, and belief that survives religion. Here we find metaphors for life’s passion in the scapes of sand and tides and endless stars that shine through us.” – David Oliveira

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