Green Journey Red Bird

Green Journey

Through varied lyric forms, Green Journey Red Bird explores complicated relationships between parents and children, the self and the past, the individual and the city, ancestors and country, love and belief.

What I noticed and like about so many of her poems is the way they give tangible expression to a state of being that seems close to what we mean when we use the word “faith”. The experience of faith lies, I guess, at the edge of speech, of language. In her poems, however, she gives subtle and satisfying expression to it.

— Eamon Grennan, Matter of Fact

From Green Journey Red Bird:


Egret walks the river bank,
eases toward the water,
eyes fixed on something moving,

darts, nibbles, winds
her serpent neck and cleans
feathers that radiate a scent

of white. All layers, patterns,
shading invisible to my eyes.

Like her, I glean and gather
all that lies before me,
even my decline.

I swivel my head,
missing the spot behind,
where my ending waits.

One morning will I touch
my face and find it smooth
as river rock,
no eyes to see?

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