winning poem in persimmon tree contest

My poem, “Names For Green,” was selected by Andrea Hollander Budy as one of ten winners in Persimmon Tree contest for women from the north central states. Go to to see the winning poems.

2 Responses to winning poem in persimmon tree contest

  1. Catherine Senne Wallace says:

    Mary Kay,

    Your Persimmon Tree poem, Names for Green, is exquisite! Your talent for description and all-the-right-words-in-all-the-right-places is delightful…I still remember the poems you shared at our St. John’s writing week. I hope you’re well and enjoying Spring at last!

    Kate Wallace

  2. M.Engelmann says:

    Dear Mary Kay

    A beautiful poem that makes me want to go outside and breathe in all of the green you described.


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